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First teaser for NBC’s Hairspray Live! introduces its big-haired cast

The Olympics may be winding down, but America’s hunger for thrilling pageantry and catchy tunes (like those national anthems) is at an all-time high. So, to capitalize on that, NBC debuted the first teaser for its upcoming live Hairspray production during the normal Olympics broadcast tonight. The quick teaser doesn’t show much—since the actual show will be live—but it does give us our first glimpse at the network’s take on John Waters’ musical with shots of stars Maddie Baillio, Harvey Fierstein, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Martin Short, Derek Hough, Dove Cameron, Garrett Clayton, and Kristin Chenoweth in costume. Also, though it’s a little too early to tell, the overt campiness of Hairspray could probably help it avoid the Twitter snark wave that hit some of NBC’s previous Live! productions.

Hairspray Live! will air premiere on December 7 on NBC.


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