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First Taken trailer shows off its particular set of skills

Early on in the first Taken movie, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) teases a “particular set of skills” that will not only enable him to find his daughter’s captors, but also make them pay like hell for taking her. Audiences aren’t left wondering what those skills are, as Bryan deploys his entire repertoire in his pursuit of the traffickers and the European bureaucrats who grease the wheels. But how exactly did he come to learn these things? If you also found yourself asking that question, then does NBC have a show—and trailer—for you.


Luc Besson’s brought his deadly former CIA operative to the small screen, but the show will actually go back to when Bryan first started developing these proficiencies. The trailer for the prequel gives him a tragic backstory to fuel his training, though he’s not exactly helpless prior to meeting Jennifer Beals’ intelligence director character.

Taken will seize your attention beginning February 27, 2017.

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