Crackle released the first teaser for its Snatch reboot, which means we can stop wondering why a Snatch reboot was green-lit, and start pondering Ed Westwick’s Cuban accent. The new series, from Alex De Rakoff, stars Skins and The Borgias alum Luke Pasqualino as aspiring hustler Albert Hill, who quotes his father’s (Dougray Scott, sporting glasses not unlike Alan “Brick Top” Ford’s) words of wisdom in a voiceover narration. He’s going to need them, because he’s in over his head. Albert and his pal Charlie (Rupert Grint) are boxing promoters—à la Jason Statham and Stephen Graham’s characters in the 2000 film—who are soon wrapped up in a protection racket and/or gold bullion heist. There are diamonds and threats, accents and dives, but, sadly, no dags.

The reboot has added a few women to the main cast, including Pasqualino’s The Musketeers costar Phoebe Dynevor and American Gothic’s Stephanie Leonidas. It also stars Westwick as Sonny Castillo, a Cuban expat and crime lord. Westwick recently said he’d modeled the character after rapper turned New Year’s Revolution leader Pitbull, which maybe bodes better for the show than a pale imitation of Tony Montana.