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First Sense8 season 2 trailer looks toward a better future

2016 wasn’t completely bereft of Sense8, thanks to a Christmas special that was the most Sense8 thing ever. But there‘s no denying there’s been a protracted wait between seasons, as the first outing concluded almost two years ago. With season two set to drop next month, we’ve gotten our first glimpse at what lies ahead for the new cluster. As usual, it’s a mix of good and bad: Jonas and Angel (Naveen Andrews and Daryl Hannah, respectively) appear to be in dire straits, while Sun (Doona Bae) is still imprisoned—though not for long. And though the group appeared to be doomed after Will (Brian J. Smith) made a psychic connection with Whispers (Terrence Mann) in season one, here the young sensate tells the BPO company man that he’s the one being hunted.


There’s a sentimental tagline in the form of “We are all worth fighting for,” but this is Sense8, after all. By the time some mysterious man suggests they have a brighter future to look forward to, you believe it. Look for season two on May 5.

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