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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

After successfully climbing ropes across some water, correctly answering a series of historical trivia questions, and then slamming the three pieces of a monkey statue together in the right order, Nickelodeon has finally uncovered a trailer for Legends Of The Hidden Temple, the live-action made-for-TV movie that’s based on its classic game show of the same name. As we previously reported, original host Kirk Fogg (playing a version of himself) and original Olmec voice actor Dee Bradley Baker are returning, although the latter only pops up at the end of this trailer and doesn’t get any lines.


This teaser also features a number of fun nods to the original show, including a kid wearing a familiar shirt, the actual Shrine Of The Silver Monkey, and even a green monkey. There are also unexpectedly scary temple guards and a button-based puzzle that seems primarily based on luck.

Legends Of The Hidden Temple will premiere on Nickelodeon this fall, hopefully followed by a live-action Double Dare or Global Guts movie.

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