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First Krypton teaser foreshadows the fate of Superman’s ancestors

All the way back in April, a full-length trailer for Syfy’s Superman prequel show Krypton leaked out, giving us an extended look at its Game Of Thrones-esque tale of warring houses and people trying to rise above the reductive classes they’ve been forced into. Now, Syfy has finally released an official teaser for the show that won’t get taken down quite so quickly, and while it’s not nearly as informative as the old one we weren’t supposed to see, it does feature some imagery designed to remind people that this show is loosely connected to Superman’s origin—it’s about his grandfather as a young man, which means Kal-El will probably never appear on the show. Plus, dramatic irony is always fun, so it should be interesting to watch these people worry about the stress and drama of their own lives while being tragically unaware that their entire planet will explode in a generation or so.


Krypton will premiere in 2018.

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