Now Game Of Thrones is playing with fire, to the tune of one burned-at-the-stake princess north of Winterfell and a slew of crispy Sons Of The Harpy over in Meereen. Katie Rife and John Teti’s DVR Club conversation naturally focuses on these heated developments, with John heartbroken by the despicable desperation exhibited his former man-crush, Stannis Baratheon. He and Katie debate whether Stannis’ fiery cruelty will pay dividends for him on the battlefield, which it is supposed to do, somehow. John also praises the episode’s closing shot—because it gives us more Tyrion, which is never a bad thing. Plus, Katie stumps John as she asks him to name the character that caught Arya’s eye. John also mangles or forgets pretty much every other character name for good measure. We shoot these early in the morning when John is at his foggiest and crankiest, for your benefit. For more, check out The A.V. Club’s dual reviews of “The Dance Of Dragons,” including Brandon Nowalk’s newbies coverage and Myles McNutt’s expert analysis for book readers.