Here’s what’s up in the world of TV for Monday, November 12. All times are Eastern.

Adventure Time (Cartoon Network, 7:30 p.m.):
Adventure Time (or Adventure Time With Finn And Jake, as the network promotional materials insist we call it) ended its fourth season naught but weeks ago, and it’s already here with its fifth season. It’s time to find out what happened when Finn and Jake pursued the Lich into the portal and discover just how they apparently turned into more realistic versions of themselves in some weird, pseudo-medieval world. Oliver Sava’s seen the premiére, and he warns you to watch out for Cosmic Owls bearing board games.


Misfits (Hulu, 5 p.m.):
Rudy and his doppelganger team up to take on the same foe, while everybody else is hitting on somebody or another, including Finn hitting on his stepmom. Rowan Kaiser is tired of shows overusing the “teenage superhero hits on his stepmother” plot. It’s so overdone these days!

How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8 p.m.): Robin’s unable to break up with Nick, so she calls in Barney to do the job. Then, we’ll cut to the future, when the two of them go on a honeymoon that involves traveling into the past and hunting dinosaurs. Donna Bowman warns them not to step on any butterflies.


Regular Show (Cartoon Network, 8 p.m.): Muscle Man is looking for a way to conceal a bald spot. Alasdair Wilkins is out of the country this week, so he’s turned things over to Sonia Saraiya, who’s never had to worry about covering up bald spots but has had to worry about bird and raccoon things.

2 Broke Girls (CBS, 9 p.m.): The title of tonight’s episode includes the phrase “Candy Manwich,” which makes Pilot Viruet upset, because she was going to name her Epic Meal Time ripoff “Candy Manwich.” Now she’s just going to have to come up with something better, like, “Pilot Eats Giant Piles Of Candy.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race (Logo, 9 p.m.): Tonight’s episode pays tribute to great girl groups of the past, but Oliver Sava is sure the episode will forget the greatest girl group of them all: The Judds. Won’t you join him in a moving, spirited rendition of “Love Can Build A Bridge”? C’mon, now! Everybody! Even Jay S.!


Revolution (NBC, 10 p.m.): In this week’s episode, “Monroe gives Neville a stern warning.” Ooooh! Les Chappell is shaking from such a dramatic development. Actually, “I’m shaking, I’m shaking” puts us in mind of the insult swordplay from The Secret Of Monkey Island. How appropriate! You fight like a cow!

Batman: The Animated Series (1 p.m.):
Oliver Sava returns to the mean streets of Gotham for the final season of this series, now with Robin in tow. In this episode, Batman celebrates Christmas, because if there’s any superhero you’d associate with the holidays, it’s almost certainly the Dark Knight.


Made In Chelsea (Style, 8 p.m.):
A reality show set in London? What country does Style think it’s based in anyway? We fought a goddamned war to be free of the British and their socialites! We’ll do very well with our own reality series about vapid twentysomethings living in hip districts of our finest cities!

Oliver Stone’s Untold History Of The United States (Showtime, 8 p.m.): Several years in the making, Stone’s attempts to untwine all of the secret stories behind the scenes from the last several decades of American life come to amazing, potentially crazy life. Todd VanDerWerff knows they’re out there, man!


Catfish (MTV, 11 p.m.): For whatever reason, MTV decided to turn that documentary about the guys trying to find out the truth about one of their Internet crushes into a series, because tracking down people you’ve met on the Internet is a national pastime now. Phil Dyess-Nugent tracks you down.

I Love The 1880s (History Channel, 11 p.m.): We were all excited about this show when we thought it might be about the life and times of James Garfield, Grover Cleveland, and our beloved Gentleman Boss, Chester Arthur. Instead, it’s about all of United States history? That totally sucks, History. We hate you.

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (ABC Family, 7 p.m.): If you have four hours to kill tonight or kids who don’t mind irritating house elves, then you could watch the worst of the Harry Potter films. Maybe if we’re all really nice, ABC Family will haul out one of the good ones for us to check out later.


The Man With The Golden Arm (TCM, 8 p.m.): Frank Sinatra went against his golden boy image by portraying a drug addict in this Otto Preminger film of the famous novel. If you haven’t had your fill of Sinatra after this, you can check out his Academy Award winning work in From Here To Eternity.

Monday Night Football: Chiefs at Steelers (ESPN, 8:30 p.m.): The Chiefs are but 1-7, so we’re pretty sure which way this game is going to go. On the other hand, somebody you know probably cares desperately about the Steelers, so watch this one for them. They’ll thank you the next morning.

Once Upon A Time (Sunday):
What’s going to happen to Ruby, who was a werewolf back in fairy-tale land, let’s not forget, now that the curse has been broken? Well, with her first full moon coming up, we can all hope for something awesome, but Oliver Sava is here to assure us that’s, sadly, not the case.