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Finally, the full Jessica Jones trailer reveals the nature of this season’s struggle

The various teasers released over the past weeks have given us a bit of the flavor we can expect from Netflix’s newest foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jessica Jones. But now, we finally get a full-length trailer, and if you thought those 40-second samples made the show look dark, just wait until you get a glimpse of this. In the two-minute-plus preview we get here, the overall aesthetic and feel of the show makes Daredevil look positively chipper. Plus, there’s just something about David Tennant’s Purple Man villain—who possesses the power of mind control—that makes people harming themselves and others against their will all the creepier. We get some conversations with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage about the dangers of being superpowered; some unsettling scenes with Rachael Taylor’s Trish, who was supposed to ”balance both the darker and lighter elements” but here just seems to be making things even darker; and, of course, a few moments with Ritter’s title character both kicking ass and also freaking out about Tennant’s Zebediah Kilgrave, who we learn has some nasty involvement in a past trauma of Jones’ life. (Which you could also learn through some time spent in the Marvel Wiki, but now you don’t need to, because this trailer just told you about it.) All in all, this looks bleak as hell, and we couldn’t be more excited for it.


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