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Apologies for the poor audio quality this weekā€”our hosts were on the road and had to use Skype in a pinch. Things should be back in fine form next week. Thanks for listening!

Happy 50th episode, Riverdale! This week, the show celebrates the milestone with ā€œAmerican Dreams,ā€ an episode chock-full of the Joneses, semi-breakups, and kinky blindfold action. Yes, this may be the steamiest Riverdale yetā€”thanks to one killer Choni sceneā€”but that doesnā€™t mean itā€™s smooth sailing for our favorite ā€˜ship. Dial M For Maple also takes a moment to assess the status of ā€œFaliceā€ and ā€œVeggie,ā€ and we preview Cole Sprouseā€™s first movie-star role in Five Feet Apart. Plus, Cameron threatens to learn all the dance moves from Robynā€™s ā€œCall Your Girlfriendā€ music video.

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