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Feeny strikes back in the new Girl Meets World TV spot

Recently, a TV spot was unveiled for the follow-up to a beloved, decades-old series greatly anticipated by audiences around the world. And while a younger cast has taken the reins, a few series veterans have also returned to provide viewers with the requisite rush of nostalgia. No, we’re not talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but Girl Meets World, the Disney Channel’s sequel to the ’90s-chic Boy Meets World.


The television series will begin its second season on May 11 with a “Season Premiere Week” that will see the release of five new episodes. But there’s something very special about this new season: the return of Mr. Feeny. (“Mr. Feeny? I wonder if they mean old George Feeny who lives out beyond the Dune Sea,” a young character might ponder.) Feeny technically appeared for a cameo in the first season of Girl Meets World, but the writers have promised a larger role for the character this year. In this teaser, Mr. Feeny appears with a mystical, “Mr. Matthews, Mr. Hunter, we meet again,” while looking displeased at Ben Savage and Rider Strong’s apparent attempt to dig up his backyard. Surely, Feeny will have to explain to Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) that once upon a time he knew her father, back when it was easier to ridicule kids and get away with it. Before the dark times. Before social media. “I wanna go with you!”, Riley might exclaim. “I wanna become a pain in the ass like my father!”

If we’re lucky, we’ll see Feeny employ his legendary skills to combat general dicking around and the presence of clones in school. (No, really, the preview mentions clones.) All of this hopefully will lead to a moment when Savage’s Cory Matthews—now a teacher himself—faces off against Feeny in a classroom, stating something about being the student previously, but now being the master. At that point, Feeny will shed some old-man tears, the two will hug, and the circle will be complete.

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