The last time the people at AMC gave viewers a look at the world of its new spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead, it was hard not to be overwhelmed by the raft of information on display. Los Angeles! Shambling! The dulcet, foreshadow-heavy voice of a man who jockeys discs! Sure, there wasn’t any information about the show’s characters or plot, but that was just because the promo people didn’t want to blow people’s fragile, delicious minds by revealing information before the time was right.

But that time is now, as a new promo for the show reveals another staggering treasure trove of information about what its characters are going to be up to during the zombie apocalypse: Namely, running. A lot of running.


The promo opens with Frank Dillane’s character, Nick, fleeing from some unseen threat—possibly whatever malevolent force dressed him in that floppy white shirt. Then, in a twist, Nick runs some more, before considering his options and running once again. There’s a lot of information to be gleaned here—for instance, despite being listed as a drug addict in the show’s casting notices, it looks like Nick is a functional user, in that his legs definitely appear to function. The footage also eliminates the possibility that the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse—which was skipped over during the pilot for The Walking Dead—briefly coincided with a national fad where people traveled around entirely by somersaults or flips.

The trailer ends with a reminder that the show will debut in August, presumably after we get other tantalizing teases of the cast and their grasp of basic human functionality. Stay tuned for the next promo, when star Cliff Curtis washes his hands, and the following, when Kim Dickens eats a pie.