This week on Polite Fight, our courteously argumentative TV analysis show, video producer Gus Spelman makes editor-in-chief John Teti defend his assertion that Peggy’s unnamed boss “comes off as more of a force than a human being” on this week’s Fargo. John won’t budge, but the two eventually find common ground after Gus demonstrates how the show uses point of view shots to align us with Peggy’s boss, even as we remain allied to Peggy herself.

Later, Gus and John agree to agree that they have no idea what’s going on with the show’s UFO shenanigans, or how they relate to a shiny balloon. Whether or not the truth is out there, Fargo seems intent on deepening the mystery for now.

We’re still keeping an eye out for astute analysis in the comments on John’s weekly reviews. We give shout-outs to kitcarp, sockpuppet, and Lifeless Husk for their insights this week. May their names ring out through the ages.