Evidence that Justin Timberlake is the funniest funnyman to ever announce the Golden Globes nominations, according to People magazine:

1. Justin Timberlake, known in some circles as T-Dog or Tiddylake, doesn't just read a bunch of names off of a page…he interprets them.

There are presenters – those who simply read the material – and there are performers – those who add their own personal flourishes to delivering the list of Golden Globe nominees, as Justin Timberlake so ably proved Tuesday morning.


Seeing Justin Timberlake interject lukewarm asides while presenting the Golden Globes nominations was like watching Picasso paint, or Baryshnikov dance—like watching a master at work.

2. It's like he takes a dull, boring list of names and Timberglazes it till it's so shiny and pretty it makes all the reporters in the room cry—with laughter.

Sliding some of his own observations into his announcements, the musician, 28, said while naming those who received nods in the music categories: "Paul McCartney – you may have heard of him," and "Bono – You may have heard of him, as well."


"Meryl Streep—she's a new up-and-comer," Timberlake continued, masterfully. "Alec Baldwin…uh, I think that's Stephen's brother, right?" As the crowd of tired entertainment reporters laughted hysterically, Timberlake could be heard saying, "Boom! These nominations have been Justified!"

3. Timberlake isn't afraid to attempt even the most perilous comedic feats. Like sound effects.

He also managed a quick little sound effect before announcing the major motion picture drama nominees. Said Timberlake, "Impromptu drumroll."


"Managed to" is right. Squeezing a little fun drumroll noise into an award nominations announcement is the comedy equivalent of trying to plant a flag at the top of Mount Everest. But Timberlake, as always, pulled it off.

4. Apparently, Timberlake also isn't afraid to wear his jokes on his sleeve.


Why else would he wear an Urkel costume to the nominations?

5. Timberlake is king of the zing—and he doesn't care who knows it.

As those who watched the nominations on TV were able to witness, when Timberlake read out the name of nominee Emily Blunt for her role in The Young Victoria, he quickly cast a glance at fellow presenter John Krasinki (who is Blunt's fiancé) and quipped, "Ho, ho, ho! Somebody's going to have a good night tonight."


What a historic moment in impromptu award nomination announcement ribbing! Those of you who were able to catch it live were truly, truly lucky to witness it in all its glory. No doubt we'll be talking about that "ho ho ho!" for decades to come.