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Everyone’s in limbo in the Casual season two trailer

Much like in the first season of Zander Lehmann’s Casual, the season two trailer depicts characters who seem hopelessly unmoored. First, Valerie (Michaela Watkins) finds herself struggling to make new friends after poisoning her relationship with her brother Alex (Tommy Dewey) last season. Meanwhile, Alex has taken up exercise—something he scoffed at in the series premiere—as a means to avoid Valerie, and probably himself. He’s also still bothering Leon (Nyasha Hatendi), the series’ most malleable presence.

Lastly, Valerie’s daughter Laura (Tara Lynne Barr) has decided not to return to high school after last season’s sex tape debacle, so she’s presumably doubled down on her habit of playing grown-up and then regressing to teenage pissiness when that goes wrong. Disappointingly, there’s no sign yet of Valerie and Alex’s parents (Francis Conroy and Fred Melamed), the best triggers of the show’s core mental anguish. Overall, season two appears to be more of the same, which is bad for the characters but good for viewers who like watching well-spoken people try to deconstruct just what the hell is wrong with them.

Season two of Casual begins streaming on Hulu June 7.

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