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Everyone’s going to war again in the new trailer for Game Of Thrones

It seems like just yesterday that Game Of Thrones’ war between the Lannisters, the Starks, the Baratheons, the other Baratheons, and the Greyjoys wrapped up. But anything resembling peace doesn’t tend to last long in Westeros. Case in point: Pretty much everybody is gearing up for battle in this latest trailer for the show’s upcoming sixth season. Jamie Lannister tightly clutches his sword while talking to the High Sparrow, a Dothraki horde waves its spears at a passing dragon, some dude in Targaryen armor stabs a guy (this one’s probably a flashback), the Lannister army mobilizes against those religious creeps, and—in what could be the coolest shot in Game Of Thrones trailer history—Sansa makes good on Sophie Turner’s promise from earlier this year by looking more badass than anyone else in Westeros. A lot of other notable people turn up, and the trailer ends with Tyrion staring down a cranky dragon, but honestly there’s no topping Sansa’s split-second appearance.


Season six of Game Of Thrones premieres on HBO on April 24.

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