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Everyone’s a little bit homicidal in the Scream season 2 trailer

Although the season two trailer shakes things up with a quasi-avant-garde aesthetic, the cast of MTV’s Scream series mostly seems to be up to its old tricks—that is, murdering or getting murdered. After a dismal first season, the hiring of two new showrunners suggested the possibility of a hard reboot of the series. However, this new trailer reveals that season two is a direct continuation of the first, only with more nightmare imagery.

Apparently, Emma has returned to Lakewood after a few months of recovering from all the bad press for season one to find that someone is still making phone calls and offing her friends. Is the killer the cute blonde in the midriff top? Or the handsome guy in the swimming pool? Or the artsy loner with a connection to the original killer? The trailer offers them all up as suspects by morphing their dialogue into the killer’s voice. It also showcases some impressionistic shots of the killer’s mask, an eerie glance at a Slenderman-type specter standing on the ceiling, and a lovely reveal of the insides of a slaughtered pig. Finally, the trailer offers this season’s tagline: “Trust nothing, trust us.” Words to run and call the cops by.


The second season of Scream begins May 30.

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