Get More: Finding Carter, Full Episodes

As our own Joshua Alston noted in his review of the season two finale, MTV’s Finding Carter has gone from being a smart series about how to figure out your identity in a tumultuous world to seemingly being a show about “a young girl being emotionally tortured by an imbalanced woman.” If that doesn’t sound very fun, you might not want to check out the upcoming season, which looks to continue the abuse-enabling behavior on the part of nearly everyone around Carter, including the series itself. Lori and her surprise son (who David lamely notes possesses “my eyes”) are in town for good, and Carter and her brother start to tangle, for good and ill. Much, much ill. Also, Carter’s got a cool new job, Max and Taylor still don’t have their shit together, and The A.V. Club still won’t be running any more reviews of this increasingly dark yet ridiculous show. Tune in to the season premiere on October 6 at 10 p.m. ET if you, like Carter, just can’t seem to escape your tormentor.