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Everybody’s on drugs in Andy Samberg’s Tour De Pharmacy trailer

HBO dropped a trailer and a release date for Andy Samberg’s next sports mockumentary today, announcing that Tour De Pharmacythe follow-up to Samberg’s bizarre and wonderful tennis spoof 7 Days In Hell—will land on the network on July 8. Meanwhile, the trailer lays out the film’s premise pretty blatantly, with Maya Rudolph assuring viewers that everybody at the 1982 Tour de France was on drugs, and then showing a number of racers flatly deny that they were the ones taking a chemical advantage. The trailer plays up the film’s star-studded cast—including Orlando Bloom, Will Forte, John Cena, Kevin Diggs, and a bunch more big comedy names—before ending on an “anonymous informant” whose expertise in the world of doping and cycling is pretty hard to refute.


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