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Everybody freak out, the Community season six trailer has arrived

Community diehards must now change their rallying cry to simply “…and a movie!” as Yahoo provides concrete proof that a sixth season of the show was actually produced, and was not simply the result of one of Dan Harmon’s tequila-soaked fever dreams. The trailer takes a typically self-aware approach to Community’s many recent casting changes, introducing new study-group member Paget Brewster as “new Shirley” and allowing Keith David to grumble, “I have a brain the size of Jupiter, I’m nobody’s fourth Ghostbuster.” All this plus a thick layer of Avengers references—the whole thing is structured as a parody of that record-breaking Age Of Ultron teaser that leaked a few months back—Garrett being pelted with frisbees, and all the Chang that you can handle, and it looks like Community has not only returned, but has returned to form. Community will release new episodes every Tuesday on Yahoo beginning March 17.

[via ComingSoon]


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