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Entourage: Security Briefs

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Greetings! I'll be filling in for Josh tonight as he spends quality time with this family.  I don't know what kind of messed-up person puts his mother ahead of TV but whatever.

Let's hear it for Lloyd and his finally growing a pair!  I've had a hard time taking much interest in the story lines this season (what exactly has Vince been doing all this time?) and this feels like the first episode where I'm actively looking forward to seeing what happens next week. Sadly, I have a feeling this is the only big story the season, but I'll take what I can get. 
Speaking of duller story lines, before we got to Lloyd, Vince and the "entourage", as I suppose it's called,  bemoan the presence of the Israeli security team hired to protect him from his alleged stalker. Meanwhile, the worst Drama's been thrown in terms of the "hell" that he's supposed to be getting on set is some intensive burn victim makeup that he has to wear for a day. 

Eric's girlfriend Ashley starts developing further jealousy issues, checking Eric's phone and stopping by to see him at the office.  We can all see where this is going, although I don't personally mind—for some reason I've never liked her so it might be the most interesting option for her character to go Crazy Bitch. 

After getting fired over the phone by Zach Efron with Ari gloating on the other line, Adam Davies calls Lloyd up to offer him a job as an agent but Lloyd remains momentarily, foolishly loyal after he considers.  You could see this coming a mile away—Ari begins treating Lloyd worse than usual, for instance, telling him to call his own mother to tell her he doesn't have a purpose. 

While Lloyd deliberates, Drama decides to take the stalker matter into his own hands—he finds out that the accused used to work at the Pleasure Chest, goes down and intimidates him a little bit, until it's revealed that his drivers license was left in the guys' couch from a while back and some flirty coeds confess to having stolen "Jamie Lynn Siegler's boyfriend's underwear."  So that's over.

After Lloyd double checks with Ari that all his ass-kissing is still going to get him the agent job he wants, Ari goes berserk and starts adding days to Lloyd's indentured servitude.  "This is not The Breakfast Club. This is my life," Lloyd protests but Ari makes him go do a bunch of thankless crap including getting his car washed.  While Ari berates Lloyd via speakerphone for the way in which the car was washed, Lloyd's rear-ended and of course Ari tears him a new Lloyd-hole.  While I was sort of hoping Lloyd would tell Ari that he left him for Davies, I liked him leaving the smashed car in the middle of the highway way much better. 

Grade: B

Stray observations:

—I'd watch a spinoff show about the Yoni EntourageYontourage

—It was a fine day for the women on the show.  An obsessive girlfriend, groupie seamstress, middle-aged Zach Efron stalker, sex shop worker and underwear-flashing college girls.  Where's Debi Mazar when you need her?

—Zach Efron's hair. WTF?

—"Everything fit OK?"  Gross.


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