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Ho boy, now we’re getting somewhere. There’s tension and drama on the show that might take two, maybe three episodes to resolve. And that final shot, with Vince face-down poolside: I can say with absolutely no sarcasm that I did not see that coming.

What I like about the Vince stuff—Sasha Grey is putting him in permanent party mode—is that he’s not even the depressed one. The kind of drinking-for-16-hours behavior is reserved for the likes of, oh, Drama. He’s doing it too, and sure he’s sad about not having a job, but he’s keeping it mostly together. Things are all good for Vince. He has an insanely good offer for his next film, a smoking hot super cool new girlfriend, and a supply of sex-enhancing tequila that’s sure to last weeks. Only he and Sasha make it last just a few days, and video has surfaced in which the two of them discuss the sexual merits of this tequila. The studio making his new film is worried.

Speaking of leaked footage damning celebrities, Ari (who I guess is a celebrity in the Variety sort of way) is about to endure a shit storm. Lizzie not only has a journal recording every terrible thing Ari’s said about ladies in his office, but she also has audio clips to prove it. I’m not quite sure when they wrote this episode, but given the whole Mel Gibson controversy, that last point hit especially hard. Things are about to get really bad for Ari. Despite the fact that the characters on Entourage are ostensibly famous, I often forget they have public personas they’re trying to keep up. It’s refreshing for the show to remind us of that.

Yet the one maddening thing about “Hair” was the way it reminded us how Entourage still has no idea what to do with Turtle this season. His tequila company is about to get launched in the states, and he’s finally making some headway with Alex (albeit completely undeserved and out of nowhere). So, of course, they needed to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings, and they made him afraid of Alex’s shaven vag. Yep. Turtle was about to get freaky with Ms. Eye Bleed, and he flipped out. This meant we got a scene in which Turtle explains the dilemma to Vince and Drama, one where he and Alex have an awkward lunch about his awkward non-lunch the other night, and another one where he rectifies the situation. Alex is not content with simply liking Turtle; she feels the need to justify her fondness for someone she deems below her status. Even though it was funny that she thought Turtle was nervous because he was a virgin, there have been so many of those little “misunderstandings” at this point that it made me more annoyed than anything.

Still, we’re getting somewhere, and not surprisingly, it’s all good.

Stray observations:

  • Oh hey, Billy’s back, this time sober and clean-shaven. He’s gonna lose his shit, right?
  • Plus, I’m betting the season ends with Eric and Scott starting their own management company.
  • The show continues to find things for Drama to do. Next up: voiceover work.

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