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Entourage: Berried Alive

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I have to say, as this season goes on, it’s getting more and more palatable and less and less ambitious—and maybe that’s the right formula. Or maybe it’s just that this episode finally made good on a situation that’s been boiling since the beginning: Lloyd versus Ari in an agent-powered grudge match.

Part of me doesn’t really buy the new dynamic—I felt like Ari was torturing Lloyd specifically so that he’d man up and refuse to put up with Ari’s crap, at which point Ari would graduate him to full agen. (The whole “This isn’t The Breakfast Club, this is my life!” line last week was pretty great.) For some reason, I assumed Ari would have a little bit of a heart when Lloyd finally left him, but it looks like he’s ready to wage war on his former whipping boy. Seems unfair, doesn’t it? I can’t imagine it’ll last too long, but it’d be nice if they set up the series finale to have Ari begging the newly powerful Lloyd for a job. Entourage writers, take note—there’s a free idea for you!

Elsewhere, Eric finally got out of a relationship in a timely manner, rather than letting it drag on and on and on. When Ashley asked to read his e-mails, I was afraid we were in for three more episodes of him circling around her, trying to decide if she’s crazy, but his instincts (and homeboys) proved right. That’s a crazy move, and his dump speech to her in the restaurant—and her reaction—were pretty fun. I imagine she’ll be back to torture him somehow, though since this is a comedy, I can’t imagine it going all Fatal Attraction or anything.

Drama’s drama just started to unfold, with Ari stepping in to make sure he got out of Five Towns—where he’s being tortured by the slimy exec—and onto Melrose Place. Hopefully the appearance of the generally awesome William Fichtner won’t be a one-off, and Drama can hang out and get wasted with him on the set of Melrose 09. And then there was Drama’s big speech to Ari, which mirrored Vince’s big speech from last season. Both basically asked “Am I talented?” The answer is probably no to both, but Ari knows that Johnny’s not a cash cow, so he let him go to Lloyd. How sweet.

Fairly useless: Turtle’s trouble with jealous girlfriend Jamie-Lynn, who’s not too psyched about the gaggle of sluts at his community college, especially the leggy brunette who’s so fascinated by him. Temptation will apparently loom larger for Turtle in subsequent episodes, since—yawn—he’s going to have to have a long-distance relationship. Or maybe he’ll just move to New Zealand with Meadow. Either way… Meh.

But the episode overall moved pretty briskly and well, as Entourage should. There was very little Vince, too—that may have had something to do with it. I think there are only three episodes left, though, and no big crisis to solve. Will we lead up to a big cliffhanger (Entourage is already renewed, in case you hadn’t heard), or will this season peter out in a haze of ex-girlfriends and agent trouble?


Grade: B

Stray observations:

— Lloyd’s Paul Frank pajamas are pretty sweet.

— “Baby, I woke up with wood.”

— Is the fantabulous Brittany just setting herself up to be Eric’s girlfriend by pretending not to be interested? Yes, probably.


— “Are those the whores that stole your underwear?”

— “Yippe kai yay motherfucker!” Is that how you spell it?