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Enough talk, have a trailer for Netflix’s Castlevania series

A dark and violent animated adaptation of Konami’s Castlevania series seems like the kind of cool idea that should never actually happen, but against all odds, Netflix will actually be getting a real Castlevania cartoon in July. The streaming service has even released a quick teaser trailer for the series, with a cute NES-themed intro that leads into some very operatic, melodramatic footage of anime people talking about killing Dracula. The vibe of the brief clip is very appropriate for Castlevania, even if the dialogue is a bit less awkward than fans of the video games may be used to—though this series better include a nod to the opening of Symphony Of The Night.


A previous report suggested that this cartoon will be based on the plot of Castlevania III, but it’s too early to say just how closely it will adhere to that storyline. The first batch of Castlevania episodes will premiere on Netflix on July 7.

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