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Enjoy the sights and sounds of a Fuller House in this new teaser

It looks like Netflix has finally worked out this whole “combining images with sound” thing, as the streaming giant has just released a teaser for its Fuller House series that offers an audio-visual (re)introduction. Until recently, you had to satisfy yourself with either hearing the pitter-patter of many feet, or gazing at images featuring a widow and her extended family. You were forced to use your imagination to put the two together, but no longer—the teaser above features the sights and sounds of a family living in a San Francisco Painted Lady, with one member’s spouse always serving as a sacrifice to the real-estate gods (San Francisco is expensive). There’s still no Michelle Tanner (not even an off-brand one), but at least Netflix got its hands on another golden retriever.

Fuller House premieres February 26 on Netflix.


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