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Ellen Page scours the globe for LGBT culture in the Gaycation season 2 trailer

One of the standout shows from Vice Media’s new channel Viceland is Gaycation. The documentary series follows host and executive producer Ellen Page as she and her best friend Ian Daniel travel the world in an effort to wrap their heads around the LGBT experience in various countries. The four-episode first season culminated with a trip to a backwards country in which gay people can be fired from their jobs for no reason other than their sexuality, while hordes of bigots accuse them of trying to undermine society and threaten them with eternal hellfire. That episode, if memory serves correctly, was called “USA.”


This trailer gives us our first look at the follow-up, and this batch of travelogue episodes looks to be just as enlightening and depressing as the last. Among their many destinations are Lviv (the one in western Ukraine) and Georgia (the one in south-eastern America). A special episode on Orlando, Florida—the unhappy home of the June 12 Pulse nightclub mass shooting—recently aired, and has already been uploaded to YouTube.

Gaycation will return to Viceland on September 7. If you have a hard time finding that on your TV, don’t despair. New episodes should be available online shortly after they premiere.

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