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Dril is looking to expand his posting empire with another TV show

A lifelike 3D representation of dril’s Twitter avatar.
A lifelike 3D representation of dril’s Twitter avatar.
Photo: Gareth Cattermole (Getty Images)

Dril, the guy responsible for creating what is quite likely Twitter’s only worthwhile account, has been busy diversifying his posting business. Following the launch of a Patreon, the release of a book, a run of Truthpoint: Darkweb Rising episodes on Adult Swim, and his ongoing work on a video game, dril’s decided to try and get a new TV show called Virtual Prison made.

Like Truthpoint, Virtual Prison is a collaboration with Derek Estevez-Olsen and Pierce Campion. Its short pilot episode follows a man in “a VR coma” (played by Estevez-Olsen) waking up in a lo-res video game world and being dubbed Tommy8772 by a “psychotronic transponser warden” named Dr. Spackliss (Campion). He’s told that he’s been imprisoned in the game, and will be held until he’s accumulated enough Good Person points to show that his “crime brain” is no longer an issue. A biker in a skull balaclava and goggles named G0mER (dril) shows up to offer an alternative: Being a virtual badass like him.


The pilot ends there, a continue prompt flashing on a shot of Tommy8772 lying in the hospital with a VR headset over his face. In an interview with Vice, Estevez-Olsen says that he, Campion, and dril need “the size of YouTube commenters pleading for a full series to reach critical mass” or for the three of them to “convince Adult Swim that the concept has legs” for it to get made.

When asked for comment, dril told Vice that he “was told to read Infinite Jest to prepare for the role [and] i accidentally ordered a book called Infinite Zest instead. and it was this cook book full of recipes inspired by DFW. So for the first 6 motnhs [sic], i thought the show was going to be about food!!!!” The article adds that “dril later clarified that the anecdote was a lie, and apologized.”

Anyway, watch the pilot, decide if you like it, then leave a comment on the YouTube page if you want to help get more of it made.

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