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Drew Barrymore pitches the Santa Clarita Diet in first trailer

Last week we learned that Drew Barrymore’s upcoming Netflix comedy is more sinister than initially expected, and now the first trailer for has the actress cheerily pitching the concept of eating other human beings. Like Oprah exalting bread for Weight Watchers, Barrymore praises the benefits of consuming people that “deserve it.“ She takes a juicy bite. “This one was a real bastard,” she says. The promo directs to a website, SantaClaritaDiet.com, which features “testimonials” and Pinterest board aesthetics.

According to USA Today, Barrymore’s character Sheila is something of a zombie, and an encounter with death unleashes these cravings. But despite all the-flesh eating, she told the publication that “there’s a real optimism to the show.” The series, which also stars Timothy Olyphant, is set to premiere February 3.


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