As always seems to be the case on Downton Abbey, the world is changing and the aristocrats are struggling to keep up. This newly released trailer for the show’s fifth season promises an even more action-packed, salacious era for the British melodrama. While it features the social scandals that are the show’s bread-and-butter, such as Mrs. Crawley daring to suggest that servants are human beings, it also hints at a house fire, a steamy bedroom scene, a “bad secret,” and a whole lot of horseback riding.

Last season took on the glamorous start of the roaring 1920s, while this new season is slated to begin in 1924. (Although the show could cover a longer time period as well; last season’s babies look quite a bit older.) But no matter the year, Carson’s composure, Mary’s love life, and Edith’s unhappiness look as constant as ever. The show debuts in the UK in September and will premiere in the U.S. on PBS, January 4, 2015.