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Doing the right thing is less likely than ever in new Better Call Saul teaser

The season two premiere of Better Call Saul is now just a month away, so AMC has been releasing teaser images and trailers to remind us of the seemingly uphill battle that is Jimmy McGill’s (Bob Odenkirk) downward spiral. The first teaser panned up behind Jimmy as he walked toward a building, while voiceovers both berated and encouraged him even as he debated with himself about doing the right thing. Though the second one was mostly a “Slippin’ Jimmy’s greatest hits/fits” montage, this latest promo places Jimmy ever closer to stepping into Saul Goodman’s shoes—and just in time to accept an offer from Mike regarding some undoubtedly illicit activity.

Season two of Better Call Saul premieres February 15 on AMC.


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