In Polite Fight, we examine the cinematic storytelling of our favorite TV shows, sometimes even fighting over them—politely, of course.

John and Gus focus this week on some of the smaller choices in “Book Of The Stranger,” starting with something as seemingly inconsequential as the snowfall in this episode’s Stark family reunion. John also continues a discussion of staging choices that accentuate the tactics of the show’s most manipulative characters, and he notes that Littlefinger might have had a certain tough guy in mind when he bought that falcon for little Lord Arryn.

Game Of Thrones Polite Fight wouldn’t be complete without John’s least favorite segment, where we talk about Ramsay. And Daenerys’ rebirth moment briefly comes up for consideration, too, with a funny comment from Kumagoro noting that Dany’s Burning Man moment was a long time coming.