Last year, the second season finale of Hannibal pulled out all the shocks: Not only is Dr. Lecter anticipating an FBI ambush, but he’s so far ahead of the feds that he’s arranged an escape alongside Will Graham and… Abigail Hobbs? Who was assumed dead following the end of the first season? Whose detached ear was a key piece of evidence in the frame job that got Will locked up for half of season two? Who, after having her throat slit in “Mizumono,” miraculously appears at Will’s bedside in this week’s episode, “Primavera”? But nothing is ever as it seems on Hannibal, as TV editor Erik Adams and assistant editor Becca James discuss here. Register your opinion on the zigs and zags in “Primavera,” then be sure to check out Molly Eichel’s thoughts on the rest of the episode.