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In Ali & Cavett: The Tale Of The Tapes (premiering Feb. 11 on HBO), legendary talk show host Dick Cavett offers a look at his long, loving relationship with boxing and civil rights icon Muhammad Ali. Friends on-screen and off, Cavett and Ali sparred both verbally and physically, and got to know each other on a deeply personal level. Quite a few of their interactions were luckily captured for The Dick Cavett Show, and in the documentary, Cavett both remembers those scenes and expounds on what was happening behind the lens.

The A.V. Club talked to Cavett and Ali & Cavett director Robert Bader about making the film, as well as what we might now know about the legendary Ali.

Marah Eakin is the Executive Producer of all A.V. Club Video And Podcasts. She is also a Cleveland native and heiress to the country's largest collection of antique and unique bedpans and urinals.

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