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Sherlock, Season 1 ($14.99)
Orphan Black, Season 1 (free)
Doctor Who (free)

While summer is a fine time to go outside, it’s also a good time for catching up on all those prestige dramas your friends have been talking about but you haven’t seen. Fortunately for all of us, Amazon makes that pretty easy, including some of them, like Orphan Black, as part of its Amazon Prime video service, meaning that Prime subscribers can watch Tatiana Maslany play 100 characters for free. Also included as part of the Prime deal are a number of Doctor Who seasons, including the ones starring the charming and seemingly affable Matt Smith.

While full-time Prime membership might seem a big steep to some, newbies to the service can always opt for a one-month trial, meaning you can take advantage of the site’s streaming video and audio services at no cost for a full 30 days, in addition to all manner of sweet free two-day shipping.

For those who aren’t as interested in opting into something they may forget to cancel, Amazon also offers a number of full seasons of TV to stream for a fairly reasonable cost. Cumberbitches who may not have seen Sherlock, for instance, can pick up the first season for $14.99, a price that anyone who’s seen the show can tell you is absolutely fair.


Jurassic Park: Ultimate Trilogy on Blu-ray ($25.49)

Ask any ’90s kid and they’ll tell you: Objectively, Jurassic Park is one of the greatest movies of our time. And while the sequels may have faltered a bit, they’re still worth watching, especially if you’re a completist. That’s totally possible with Jurassic Park: Ultimate Trilogy, which combines Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and Jurassic Park III into one high-definition Blu-ray set. For A/V nerds, this set has the potential to blow things out of the water, with one Amazon reviewer noting that in the original movie, “When Sam Neill rises into the frame the landscape is richly defined in the Blu-ray until the camera refocuses onto Neill’s face. Later we see the sheen of sweat on Neill’s face with the Blu-ray which is not noticeable at all with the DVD.” Hey, we’re sold.


Deadpool ($5.99 to rent, $9.99 to own)

Look, Deadpool was great, providing a total twist to the Marvel Universe as moviegoers know it. Those who haven’t seen it should, and those who have should re-watch it, as it rewards multiple viewings. Fortunately, it’s streaming on Amazon right now for $5.99 for a 48-hour rental, and if you want to just straight-up decide to own the whole thing digitally, that’ll only cost you four bucks more. You could also pick up Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but who wants to do that?


Big Mouth Inc Black Jack The Cat Mask ($16.36)
2 For 1 Nut Milk Bags ($10.99)

It wouldn’t be one of The A.V. Club’s daily Amazon posts if we didn’t throw some weird find in here. Today, we’re both enamored with and puzzled by the Black Jack The Cat Mask, which, on its Amazon page, is being modeled by some woman who seems totally blasé about the fact that she has been turned into a weird-looking cat, and Baking Time’s 2 For 1 Nut Milk Bags, which promise to “help you save dollars on bought milk alternative.” While the pictures that accompany the listing are slightly confusing as far as how nut milk—and no, not that nut milk, you perv—is made, the seller promises to provide purchasers with PDF instructions. Readers, if you buy these things, please report back. Bonus: They’re also apparently good for straining delicate grains, like couscous or quinoa.