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Dax Shepard promotes Frozen 2, which he's not in, on Conan

Dax Shepard, Conan O’Brien
Screenshot: Conan

Dax Shepard is famously married to Kristen Bell, which everyone can agree, is marrying up. On Wednesday’s Conan, Shepard brought along a clip from an upcoming movie he’s especially excited about, and got Conan to play it without knowing what it was ahead of time, leaving O’Brien slightly puzzled when they came back from a clip from Frozen 2 about ice princesses playing charades with a snowman, a hunky blond dude, and some sort of reindeer. (Look, not everyone’s seen Frozen.) Beaming with excitement, Shepard finally explained to his host that, since he and Bell were married in the community property state of California, he’s all-out promoting the animated sequel. “I own half of everything she owns!,” Shepard explained excitedly, going on to joke about being on his phone buying yachts at the initial cast screening of the movie. (Which will, no doubt, be making serious yacht money from the Kristen Bell/Anna merch alone.)

Still, it’s not all yachts and kept man money for the busy Shepard, as O’Brien ran down the two sitcoms, the game show, and the (quite good) podcast Shepard’s doing simultaneously. Noting that he’s got to work in bulk to make up for his wife’s single dump truck full of Disney bucks, Shepard told Conan that he’s not above using his commute to and from Bless This Mess to pick up some extra cash doing ride shares. “I try to tell her, that’s cash money going straight in our pocket,” explained Shepard, who’s apparently banking on those $40 fares to keep him in the Shepard-Bell household arms race. Still, Shepard—notably one of O’Brien’s favorite guests (the two have even swapped podcast appearances)—knows that he’s the lucky one. Speaking of Bell, Shepard gushed, “She’s so funny, she’s funnier than us, she’s more creative, she can sing like the best of ’em—it’s mind-blowing how talented she is.” And while Conan scoffed at the idea that anyone has to sell Kristen Bell to America at this point, it was still pretty sweet, and not at all mercenary.


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