When Lauren Conrad announced that she would be wriggling out of the stifling reality show skin she had been inhabiting for the past five years, and leave The Hills behind like a flaky coil of old subtitles-in-nightclubs-and-overhead-shots-of-LA scales, the world, naturally, breathed a sigh of "…." Followed by, "The Hills is still on the air?"

But the end of Lauren Conrad on The Hills probably also means the end of Lauren Conrad's appearances on Late Night With David Letterman—which truly is a loss, because this kind of alternately deliciously contemptous and creepy interview is Letterman at his best.

Here's a clip from Conrad's appearance last night (She's the really uncomfortable one; Letterman is the scorn in a suit; and the "wha?" pile in the corner is Paul Shaffer):

(Gawker also has a clip of the passive-agressive Q&A section of the interview.)

Instead of those terrible, shrill people in young-person costumes, MTV should have Letterman host the remaining episodes of The Hills Aftershow. It would only be 10 seconds long, and would only consist of Letterman standing in a black void saying something like, "That guy, Brody? Bronson? He's a load." Cut. End of show.