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David Cross is Making America Great Again! in the trailer for his new Netflix special

Though it may be difficult to remember now, by the time David Cross released his first stand-up album Shut Up You Fucking Baby! back in November of 2002, a lot of pissed-off progressives felt like they’d been force-fed psychosis-inducing medication. So Cross’ double CD was kind of a life line. Not only was he as angry as most of his audience, but he was simultaneously eloquent and hysterical in expressing his “barely controlled rage,” as The A.V. Club’s Nathan Rabin described it at the time. It was like a release valve for ire.


Fourteen years later, his audience is once again pretty angry. (Or maybe they continue to be pretty angry.) Regardless, it should make a lot of people feel a little better to know that Netflix is soon bringing Cross’ Making America Great Again! stand-up tour into their living rooms. Filmed in Austin, Texas this past spring, the special will hopefully function in a similar way. To hear him discuss it, it sure seems like it will.

“It’s like I’ve been given the mic at the bar. It’s a monologue. It’s not a dialogue,” Cross told the Orpheum Theater shortly before the special was recorded. “That’s the kind of shit I say to my like-minded friends who wanna go out to a bar and grab a few pints and want to start talking about whatever heady issue there is that’s pretentious and annoying—that’s how we talk. I’m just filling mine with jokes … People like George Bush and the people who think he’s great and people like Donald Trump and the people who think he’s great, I disagree with them. For the next hour and change, it’s my microphone.”

David Cross and Netflix will start Making America Great Again! on August 5.