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David Cross fights for his right to fight in new With Bob And David sketch

We’re two weeks away from the premiere of With Bob And David, and we’ve already been treated to one preview sketch that reminded us of the chemistry among Mr. Show alums Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Paul F. Tompkins, Jay Johnston, and John Ennis. The show’s latest amuse-bouche proves more topical than its predecessor’s sketches and touches on police brutality.


The “Know Your Rights” sketch sees Cross playing Gilvin Daughtry, a pony-tailed Constitutionalist and host of the eponymous series. He expects some routine harassment at a sobriety check point, so he turns a camera on to record the anticipated abuse, but the police officer (Keegan-Michael Key) just waves him through after checking his license and registration. Frustrated by the officer’s continued civility, Daughtry resorts to all-out provocation, including donning blackface, and finds himself in Ronnie Dobbs territory for his troubles.

With Bob And David premieres November 13 on Netflix.

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