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Daredevil gets more enemies and possibly an ally in this new trailer

The first half of the season two trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil introduced us to yet another one of Matt Murdock’s (Charlie Cox) adversaries, The Punisher (Jon Bernthal), a guy for whom due process is a foreign concept. The second half has just been released, and we learn that the bad guys aren’t going to let up on the attorney-turned-vigilante anytime soon. But there is a possible bright spot for him—the return of Elektra Natchios (Élodie Yung), an old girlfriend who is both looking for and offering help. Matt certainly seems to be in a position to accept, as all of his other pals are giving him the cold shoulder or a stern lecture. There’s also the fact that he didn’t quite vanquish the Yakuza, a revelation that makes him doubt his methods. But he’ll soon have more pressing matters to attend to—namely, The Hand, a shadowy organization that Stick (Scott Glenn) seems kind of familiar with.


Daredevil season two hits Netflix on March 18.

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