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Dan Harmon faces being a “fat, fired alcoholic” in the Harmontown trailer

Showrunners are the newest rockstars, and to a certain set of people, Dan Harmon is Lou Reed. Yesterday, the world got its first peek at the trailer for Harmontown, the documentary about Community showrunner, writer, and self-destructive comedy martyr. The film seems to pick up after his dismissal from Community and the beginning of his Harmontown event/podcast, which he took on the road—even though, as the trailer shows, he had other pressing work to do. Along the way he faces his issues with alcohol ( “Last night my drinking was unforgivable”) and his overenthusiastic candor ( “I went a little overboard with the honesty tonight”), neither of which look like they’ll be settled any time soon. 


Harmontown also has interviews with Community cast members and friends and associates of Harmon, along with some fawning “Harminians” who talk about how he’s given hope to other misfits out there. The film debuts at SXSW this Saturday, following a live taping of Harmontown.

Stay tuned for the Vince Gilligan documentary Gilliganland, coming in 2015. Weinerville goes into production after Mad Men wraps.

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