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Damn it, Janet, here’s the latest Rocky Horror trailer

Fox has slowly been unveiling footage from its Rocky Horror Picture Show adaptation, but the trailer released yesterday in conjunction with a Television Critics Association summer press tour panel is the most comprehensive yet. It features snippets of musical numbers like “Science Fiction/Double Feature,” “Dammit Janet,” “The Time Warp,” “Sweet Transvestite,” and “Hot Patootie—Bless My Soul.” So basically it’s a quick survey of all the best songs. And they sound pretty good. Though, as TV Guide reported out of TCA, the cast is not pulling a Les Misérables and singing live.

The set—especially Frank-N-Furter’s castle—looks intentionally theatrical, which is fitting given that the film will include audience callbacks that have become hallmarks of Rocky Horror screenings. “We wanted to celebrate the fans with the departure,” executive producer Lou Adler said, per TV Guide.


We’ll see whether this all comes together when the spooky special debuts on October 20.

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