New American Horror Story: Hotel teasers are here, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, and in typical AHS fashion, they’re both brief and terrifying. The first teaser, which was released last month and stars Lady Gaga’s finger, was baby stuff compared to the new promos, which feature Hotel guests who are, well, not really the kind of people you might hope to find in a hotel. The first is a faceless man, and the second looks a bit like a Freak Show reject. Just like the Coven and Freak Show teasers, these promos are more about the fucked-up aesthetics that define AHS’s style rather than, you know, plot or any silly story details like that.


The new season of American Horror Story will star everyone in the world, specifically Gaga as the hotel’s owner, Kathy Bates as the woman who actually runs the hotel, Sarah Paulson as a hotel guest who hopefully gets to keep her face, Matt Bomer as someone named Donovan, Cheyenne Jackson as fashion icon Will Drake, Angela Bassett as actress Ramona Royale, Wes Bentley as detective John Lowe, Chloë Sevigny as detective John Lowe’s wife in a role that is hopefully more interesting and complex than that character description suggests, and Max Greenfield as a drug addict. Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Mädchen Amick, Naomi Campbell, and Darren Criss also star. The next season of American Horror Story will presumably be called American Horror Story: American Horror Story’s IMDb Page.