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Yes, yes, we all realize Community was supposed to begin its fourth season tonight, before NBC placed it in ondeck circle, in anticipation of the end of 30 Rock or the cancellation of Up All Night  delayed its première indefinitely. Yet, like signals from a missing arm claimed in a fiery ratings disaster, fans of Community can still feel the show communicating with them. From this day forward, that phantom limb sensation shall be referred to as “October 19,” a perfectly hashtag-able rallying cry (were “#Oct19” not already claimed by Egyptians protesting other powers that be who refuse to bend to the will of the people) and the subject of this newly released video starring The Greendale Seven (plus two). The video pours on the fan service, but if October 19 isn’t about the fans, then who is it about? (Maybe about the actors, writers, directors, and crewmembers whose hard work has yet to receive a release date—but when was the last time they donned a fake goatee to protest NBC’s unfair scheduling practices?) October 19—it lives inside all of us, and inside this video, which is as close to a Community season première as you’re going to get until that magical day when October 19 truly arrives.


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