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Come with NBC if you want The Celebrity Apprentice to live

The Celebrity Apprentice: a trashy-yet-successful reality competition show that’s barely alive, what with its former host Donald Trump trying to lead the free world and all. But NBC can rebuild it. They have the technology, as well as a new horrible boss—one that’s better, stronger, faster, and with fewer misogynistic things to say about Megyn Kelly.


At least that’s the pitch in NBC’s new promo for its reconstituted Celebrity Apprentice, which will feature former California governor and eternal cybernetic organism Arnold Schwarzenegger. The network tapped Schwarzenegger to replace Trump after his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants, making NBC the envy of GOP operatives who would love nothing more than to replace Trump with a former action movie star, even if it was that Olympic gymnast who starred in Gymkata.

Schwarzenegger will have a new team of advisors, including celebrity moguls Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba, and Steve Ballmer, to help him separate the C-listers from the D-listers in this season’s cast. This year’s charity combatants include Jon Lovitz, Boy George, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and Carnie Wilson. The show is set to premiere in January 2017.

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