Even for a show that never really slows down, the first full trailer for Orphan Black’s second season is especially frenetic—necessary when you’ve got at least seven different clones to cover, along with their myriad clone problems. The BBC thriller picks up with Tatiana Maslany once again facing off against the person behind all her worries, Tatiana Maslany, aided by her support group of Tatiana Maslanys. There’s also the promise of a couple of new Tatiana Maslanys (including Dead And Bald Tatiana Maslany) popping up as she delves deeper into why someone has cloned a bunch of Tatiana Maslanys. And then, just when things couldn’t get any more complicated, Nashville/Treme scumbag Michiel Huisman slinks in to start yet another surely doomed romance. At least this time if he ruins Tatiana Maslany, there are like six more where that came from.