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Chuck: "Chuck Versus The Fat Lady"

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It's good to be back, fellow Chuckies, and a big thanks to Keith Phipps for filling in last week. And what a week to return, I might add.

One of Keith's main complaints about "Chuck Versus The Ex" was that he wasn't wild about the way Jill came back into the picture. I agree that her character was flatly written and too eager to be realistic at all, but I was willing to hold out for the show that's proven this season that it's got its shit back together. So I defended Chuck with my crystal clear explanation: "Something's up with her," I had mentioned to Keith later in the week.

Well, just like every psychic ever, my extremely vague prediction has come true. Something is very much decidedly "up" as they (I) say (said). She's a Fulcrum agent, which makes sense…I guess. She was probably recruited to spy on her old boss, though I wonder if she had any idea about Chuck and the work his team was doing. A happy accident, perhaps?

But first, a few words on another prediction that was pretty much implied on the comment board, but I'm going to claim to have made: Tony Hale's Emmitt got a hell of a lot funnier. At first, the character was no more than a splinter in the collective Buy More pinky finger, but now that he suspects Chuck's up to no good, the real fun can begin. We see Emmitt attempt to take on Lester and Jeff in joint negotiation and turn Morgan on his best buddy. He even tries to smoke Chuck out directly, and literally. ("I hear the loading dock is like a Five for Fighting concert.") But of course, the residents of BuyMoreia won't turn on their own, and they obtain blackmail-worthy footage of Emmitt galivanting around Big Mike's office and threaten to let it out if he doesn't stay at bay. It's a shame, really, because this was one of the best Buy More segments of any season two episode, and I hope Emmitt will continue the hunt for information. In fact, he's got the curiosity and drive to possibly oust Chuck as an agent to the rest of the crew, so things could get interesting in a hurry.

Just as Sarah's feelings for Chuck made missions difficult a few episodes back, Chuck's newly rekindled infatuation with Jill is seriously getting in the way of his spy work. First she expresses jealousy over the hours he spends with Sarah; then, crazed after overhearing an accidental phone conversation that could have been construed as the most labored love making session of all time, storms over to Chuck's hotel room to demand answers, catching he and Sarah in the act of post-showerness. (Why so much visible hostility upon receiving the call? Chuck's not around…maybe Jill's a method actor.) Chuck begs for another chance, and when he gets it refuses to doubt Jill for even a second–which royally pisses off Sarah. Casey joins in when Chuck steals the zip drive containing Fulcrum agents' real identities, because he's the kind of guy who would never jeopardize a mission. Hell, he's an order away from shooting Chuck, ostensibly his only friend, in the face (or wherever).

And not that Chuck's finally satisfied–and even Sarah has grown to accept Jill as part of the formula–we get the news that Jill's been playing our boy the whole time. We still don't know the full extent of her involvement and what she's been recruited to do, but it's also at this point that I'm hammered with a sad question about the show I've come to love: Will Chuck ever be happy? His whole life at the Buy More is a perpetual lie; his relationship with Ellie and Awesome is hardly substantial anymore; the love of his life, who forced him to unearth every one of his old insecurities, is on the verge of shattering once again. Chuck now takes most of this in stride, no longer freaking out at every little thing like he did in season one. But it'll be interesting to see what the Jill stuff does to him next week–unlike the slow process he's undergone dealing with his Buy More buddies and housemates, this news is going to shows its effects immediately. And it ain't gonna be a happy ending.

Poor guy.

Grade: B+

Stray observations:

- "His beard holds so many secrets."

- Somehow, I found Casey's perfect high C not surprising at all. An amazing moment, that's for sure.

- Have to admit the whole "nerd code" moment was a bit too, how do you say, on the nose for me.

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