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Childrens Hospital gets a new trailer and a premiere date

As some people have probably noticed, there are really only three different kinds of trailers. First is the normal one, which features clips from the thing it’s promoting along with voiceover or onscreen text telling you how exciting/dramatic/funny it is. Then there’s the “look at these people screaming” one, where an audience is filmed with night-vision cameras while they watch a horror movie so we can tell how scary it is. Finally, there’s the testimonial one, where people are cornered after a screening and asked to yell into a camera about how great the thing they saw was. To promote the seventh season of Childrens Hospital, Adult Swim has chosen the third option. However, as the trailer goes on, the endorsements start sounding a little less positive and a little more…unrelated. It’s the sort of weird gag that Childrens Hospital is known for. So while we may have no idea if the people in the clip actually like the show, at least the show hasn’t lost the weird stuff people like about it.


Season seven of Childrens Hospital will premiere on Adult Swim on January 22.

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