With the bevy of well-written, thoughtful, high-quality shows currently on television, many people like to say that we're in the midst of TV's new golden age. And you know what? It's true. There are so many incredible things on TV right now—literally incredible things, as in things you can't believe exist on TV in 2009, as in, say, Charo covering Rihanna's "Please Don't Stop The Music" while assaulting the studio audience with shimmys on the Jerry Lewis Telethon.

Behold, TV's New Golden Age:

Thank you, Charo for your tireless dedication to Ridiculousness Awareness.

Can Oxygen or We or someone please give Charo a kareoke show? Better yet, can Oxygen or We just give Charo their network? 24 hours of Charo singing covers of recent hits in (somehow still) broken English while accosting her reluctant studio audience with sequins? It's much more entertaining than, say, Dance Your Ass Off.