Some products need product demonstration videos—chainsaws, Bare Minerals, knife-sharpening kits, the Bump-It, Amish Chimney-free fireplaces, Neiman Marcus cupcake cars, etc. Toilet wipes are not one of them. Unless, wait, did your parents forget to toilet train you? Have you been wearing adult diapers all these years under your big-kid clothes just waiting for some nice company to come along and show you what to do in that room with the mysterious porcelain fountain?

Well, according to the NY Times, the toilet paper companies are finally willling to teach you about what life is like without Depends! This video from the kind, patronizing people at Charmin is for you and only you:

Silly Charmin. Everybody knows that you don't use toilet paper/wipes to wipe toothpaste off of your hand. You use toilet paper/wipes to wipe toothpaste off of your butt. Duh. Then you go rub your butt across the carpet for a few seconds, pop a Scope breath strip in your underwear, and you're good to go!


Oh Charmin, when you treat people as if they're this stupid, you're only inviting them to be stupid.  How many people do you think will actually start using toothpaste to wipe themselves as a direct result of this demo?