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Charlie Sheen Knows Fashion

Because Mischa Barton has the market on headbands cornered, and Toby Keith is peddling invisi-shirt technology, Charlie Sheen has decided to launch a line of shirts woven from a 50/50 desperation/boredom blend. The good news is, if he ever tires of Two And A Half Men (I know, how could anybody tire of Two And A Half Men?) now that he has his own regrettable fashion line, Charlie can join the cast of The Real Housewives Of Orange County. The bad news is, of course, Charlie Sheen has a fashion line.

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Sheen's line is called The DaVinci collection, because he's clearly the master of musty bowling shirts worn with that casually sleazy shrug of the aging one-time low rung heartthrob. Just look at that button-down above, it's got the mathmatical precision of DaVinci's Vitruvian Man as translated to creepy old-man club wear. Fashion!

So, if you're looking to dress like the Oldies Radio station drive-time DJ who's broadcasting live from a card table at the antique car show, or if you're looking for the perfect shirt to wear while you're sitting around waiting for death, the Da Vinci Collection By Charlie Sheen has what you for some reason want to wear!


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